To The Ladykillers

Probably the most contradictory thing that you can see on TV is a citizen of a democratic country complaining that they are living in a fascist dictatorship. If that citizen were living in a fascist dictatorship, he or she probably would not be able to complain about the government in a TV broadcast, as it would be edited out of the final show, or if it was said live, he or she would probably be subject to some kind of recrimination after the event. Fascism is a political ideology that sees the state as one body moving in unison towards one goal: dissent has to be removed as diseased cells are removed from the body by white blood cells, which in this analogy would be the police. The declaration is therefore nonsense, and has a similar feel to the internet rule of Godwins Law; the first person to compare their opponent to Hitler or the Nazis automatically loses the argument. Yet we see this being repeated whenever a group of people are annoyed with their government, with the accusation of fascism being a favourite of the anti-Iraq war movement a decade ago.  I was reminded of this contradiction this week in the aftermath of Margaret Thatcher’s death, as footage from the 1980’s was rolled out of out-of-work miners from the North of England labelling Maggie as just that, a fascist dictator. Well, she wasn’t. Continue reading