CityBikes Wien: A Visual Users Guide

After using the CityBike service here in Vienna for over two years, I feel I have some wisdom to impart on the subject, and as such, here is a handy guide to the various CityBikes available at every station. Please click on the image to magnify!

A Colour-coded Guide to Vienna CityBikes

The main lesson: Not all CityBikes were created equally. And free stuff should be perfect.

More info about CityBikes Wien at

Yeezus Walks

Before the South Park episode, before the Taylor Swift incident, before the tweets, before the marriage made in tabloid heaven, before all these car crashes, Kanye West’s career was defined by one car crash in particular: the one that almost killed him. Already a world-renowned hip-hop producer at the age of 25, his attempts to move into the spotlight with the microphone had been held back by various factors until late 2002 when upon waking up in a hospital with his jaw wired shut after falling asleep at the wheel of his car, he had his recording equipment brought in to his room and immediately recorded Through the Wire. In the lyrics of this song (the first recording of his enormously successful rap career) he reflects that the hospital he lies in is where Biggie Smalls died. With each subsequent album of Kanye’s, this lyric becomes more important, as it does not take a large interprative leap to say not only that Kanye thinks he died and was reborn as a rapper in that hospital, but also that he thinks he died and was reborn as the greatest rapper in history in that hospital. Continue reading