About This Blog

This blog is currently updated on a(n almost) bi-weekly basis, usually on Wednesdays or Thursdays. On average I aim for at least two per month. The posts generally involve a topic on everyday life or a current news topic, and I add a spin on it that is gleaned for my years studying Economics and Political Science at Graduate level. The contents of this blog have nothing to do with anyone who has ever employed me in the past, present or future. The views expressed are entirely my own. I do not claim to speak The Truth, I simply aim to convey a worldview that strives at a minimum to be informed and interesting. I do not want this to be a self-indulgent blog where I post everything that comes into my head, even if it has all the substance of a 140 character tweet. As such, I put effort into each blog entry, and this is why I have settled on publishing only two or three posts per month. I don’t think I have ever managed a post that is under 1000 words, but would love to know how to convey a decent argument in less than that. if you have views on that, please tell me, and if you like the blog, a share/tweet/smoke-signal would be appreciated! Also, I write on a computer that only has Italian spell check, so if you find any grammar/spelling errors please comment or message me, as I would like any points I make to be as clear as possible.


What does this rant say to you?

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