About Me

My name is Cian Mulligan. I am a graduate economics student living out the early days of my thirties. My speciality is economics, but has nothing to do with money. My current research field is Labour Economics, which deals with the supply and demand of people in the market for employment. Specifically, my interest lies in how the government can affect this supply of people, and how we can effect change in this. I was born in Ireland, but now live and study in Vienna, Austria. I have lived and worked in a few other countries, and visited dozens more. I am travelled, but not well enough. I spent most of my youth watching movies and as a result have an encyclopedic knowledge of actors, directors, scriptwriters and Academy Award winners. I no longer watch so many movies, just ones I think I will like. I am of the opinion that modern TV Shows are far superior to modern movies. I am politically apathetic, but the modern political circus  in the US and elsewhere depresses me greatly. I like music, but in the same way I like shoes: I know I need some and can’t really survive daily life without them; but once I have a comfortable pair I never really notice them until they start to wear out. I am a massive football fan, and support Arsenal. If I paid as much attention to my academic research as I do to researching Arsenal’s plight in the English Premier League, I would probably have completed my PhD by now.

If you would like to contact me in a non-public way, please do so on cian.mulligan[at]gmail.com

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